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Play Games, watch Anime and read Webtoons from across the SKY GODZ Universe

Sky Godz Stargazer
Ancient Aliens and Mythology

Sky Godz Stargazer

An alien race came from the skies to earth amid an imminent cosmic war to become the gods of ancient times. SKY GODZ, the game and the animated series is their story...

Sky Godz Tales
Cosmic Scifi-Fantasy Adventure

Sky Godz Tales

Powerful and enlightening stories from around the universe to entertain and inspire the senses. Games, Animes and Webtoons for fans of cosmic fantasy adventures.

Become a Sky Godz Tales Founder Edition

SKY GODZ Stargazer Founder NFTs are unique digital avatar NFTs (ERC-721) that you can use to access all game, anime and webtoon content in the Stardapp, as well as receive special airdrops and access to the DeFi games.

Meet SKY GODZ Creator David Boller

David Boller was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. After graduation from the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey, he worked for many of the largest comic book publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics on popular titles like Spider-Man, Batman and Witchblade, as well as his creator-owned series Kaos Moon.

In 2008 he returned to Switzerland and created Virtual Graphics and since then has published over 32 graphic novels and many animated commercials for well-known clients like tennis star Andy Murray and Swiss luxury watch company Audemars Piguet.

David continues to create games, anime and graphic novels.

Cosmic F.a.q

What is SKY GODZ?

SKY GODZ is an epic science-fiction/fantasy anime, game and graphic novel that combines elements of extraterrestrial mythologies, ancient astronaut theory and alien conspiracy ideas. Earth is at the center of a massive galactic conflict as it plays a key role in an expansive, interconnected cosmic legacy to unite the universe.

Where can I play the SKY GODZ Game?

You will be able to play the game in our Stardapp, the membership section or eventually download it from Steam. You can find more info on the games page…

Where can I watch the SKY GODZ Anime?

You will be able to watch the anime in our Stardapp, the membership section or eventually on one of the major streaming services. You can find more info on the anime page…

Where can I read the SKY GODZ Graphic Novels and Webtoons?

You will be able to read the graphic novels in our Stardapp, the membership section, on Webtoon or eventually as a collector’s edition print book. You can find more info on the webtoon page…

What languages is SKY GODZ going to be available in?

The original language of all SKY GODZ content will be English. However, the anime will be subtitled for the streaming release in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Localization of the game will be announced. There are nor plans for foreign language versions of the graphic novels.

What is the SKY GODZ Stardapp?

The Stardapp is Web3-powered app that tokenizes the content experience. You can not only play, watch and read content but also earn tokens and NFTs through various activities, as well as participate with your tokens and NFTs in the community voting process for the future of the SKY GODZ universe. 

Do I need crypto currency to participate in the Stardapp?

The Stardapp runs on the Polygon blockchain and you will need some Polygon Matic tokens to get started. Eventually, you will be able to buy NFTs and tokens directly with your credit card. Check the bottom of the web3 page for starter guides and tutorials.

How do I get LOTUS, STARDUST Tokens and NFTs?

You will eb able to purchase or claim tokens and NFTs directly in the Stardapp or get them from one of the decentralized launchpads and exchanges. Stay tuned for details…

How do I get started in crypto to participate in SKY GODZ?

Check out the bottom of the web3 page where you will find starter guides and tutorials. 

For additional support and to participate in a like-minded and friendly community, join our Disocrd.

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