Play games, watch animes and read webtoons, all in one tokenized environment.

Web3 Games
Play, level-up and earn

Web3 Games

Exciting defi and video games featuring the main players from the SKY GODZ universe. Play for rewards, weapons and cosmic energy and level up your assets.

NFT Collections
Collect, trade and earn

NFT Collections

Various NFT Collections to give you access to the games and other activities in the Stardapp. Use the NFTs to level up your assets and earn tokens in the games.

Web3 is instant shared value

Utility Token


The LOTUS Token is the utility token of the SKY GODZ ecosystem with a lower supply than Stardust and will be used to vote, transact und trade within the Stardapp as well as external exchanges.

In-game token


The STARDUST Token is the in-game and reward token for all activities in the Stardapp as well as the entire SKY GODZ universe. It works in tandem with the LOTUS Token and has higher supply.

Awesome Experiences in the Stardapp

WEB3 is the most active way to participate in the SKY GODZ Universe. Own all your assets, vote on the future of your planet’s community and trade and share with other founders.

  • Play the Game and collect Assets

  • Watch the anime and interact with the storyline

  • Read the webtoon and own, collect and trade it

  • Play the Stargate Defi game and level up your assets

  • Mint Tokens & NFTs

  • Buy, sell and trade NFTs in the marketplace

Get started in 4 easy steps:

Launch Stardapp

To get started in the SKY GODZ universe, launch the Stardapp and connect your wallet or sign up with your email to get a new wallet.
Direction Arrows

Get NFTs & Tokens

Get a Founder NFT and Stardust Tokens as well as claim some Cosmic Energy NFTs to start playing the Stargate DeFi game and earn more Stardust Tokens.
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Anime & Webtoons

Head over to the Anime & Webtoons pages. read and watch the content. Afterwards, take an on-chain quiz (you got only one shot) and earn exclusive NFTs to equip your alien in the game.
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Stargazer RPG

Equipped with cosmic energy, weapons and tools, you can now log into the RPG and play a character of your choice in the battle to unite the universe.
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Resources & Tutorials (coming soon)

For additional support and to participate in a like-minded and friendly community, join our Disocrd.

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