The SKY GODZ Stargazer Founder Collection is your entry point into the SKY GODZ universe. You will receive various rarities of NFTs, ranging from Star Wanderers, Founders to Alchemists that open different doors into the Stardapp. Play games, watch animes and read webtoons, all in one tokenized environment.

Choose from3 different types of NFTs:

Star Wanderer

Star Wanderer

You're a traveler among the stars without a destination. You're not ready yet to make a commitment and you can always upgrade to become a full founder.

Cetacean from Ashada


You're a member of the star family and can use your avatar to access all activities in the Stargazer Stardapp and receive exclusive airdrops.

Star Wanderer


The Alchemist transforms his body into a light body. Unlimited access to all content in current and upcoming games, as well as exclusive airdrops.

Mint Date: March 14, 2024

Compare the features of the Stargazer NFTs:

Stargazer Lyra Founder NFT Features
Star Wanderer
Founder Lyra
Alchemist Lyra
  • Stardapp

    The Stardapp is the home and lifeblood of all Web3 activities. Mint, trade and interact with all content in this enDAPP (decentralized entertainment app).

  • Games

    SKY GODZ Stargazer is a third-person, single player Ascension RPG for the browser and multi-player RPG for the PC. level up your character, collect NFTs and Tokens and vote in the DAO for your planet's community.

  • Anime

    Watch the Stargazer Gaia anime and get rewarded with an exclusive Signature NFT for each episode's correct quiz answer.

  • Webtoon

    Read the Stargazer webtoon and get rewarded with an exclusive Signature NFT for each episode's correct quiz answer.

  • DeFi

    Power up your Stargate with various energy sources and earn STARDUST tokens as rewards. Star Wanderers will have limited earning potential.

  • Airdrops

    Receive additional NFT and Token airdrops to level up your games.

  • Upcoming Stargazer Events

    Additional Stargazer events for different star systems are planned. See the story page for more information.

  • ERC-6551 wallet

    You can upgrade your Alchemist (ERC-721) to an ERC-6551 NFT. This will act like a wallet and you can collect assets and items directly into your Alchemist NFT. More details in the Whitepaper...

  • LOTUS Staking

    You can stake your Alchemist to obtain more LOTUS Tokens. This is an exclusive feature of the Alchemist. Consult the Whitepaper for details and earnings breakdown.

For more details on the technical specifications, contracts and mint, please refer to our Whitepaper (coming soon).

SKY GODZ is powered by:

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