Gallery of Extraterrestrial Beings

Alien Beings from across the universe

There is a huge and diverse variety of beings in the universe. From the farthest depths of the Lyran constellation to easily recognizable Orion Belt, the sheer infinite amount of star systems is filled with an unimaginable diversity of life. Here’s a tiny sample…

The beautiful light beings from Lyra are one of the creator races that seeded many races in the universe. Vega in the Lyra constellation is also home to many feline and races. 

Orions come in many shapes and forms.  Beings from the Rigel system in Orion range from humanoid, reptoids to greys , whereas the inhabitants from Bellatrx are part of the Orion League.

Aquatic extraterrestrial beings are mostly found in the Sirius system and had a great influence and impact on earth as seen in Egyptian and Native American mythology.

The beings from Arcturus in the Boötes constellation are in charge of the Crystal Gardens and creation of the lightships of the Starfleet of the Galactic Federation..

The blonde beings from the Pleiades are very old race created after the prism of Lyra and generally highly-evolved and friendly towards all life in the universe.

Beings from Andromeda are one of the most advanced civilizations in the universe.

Meet the main beings from Stargazer lyra

The Lyra star system is home to many different races from the lightbeings of Vega to the feline beings of Aveyon. Here's a tiny sample of what you can expect from Stargazer Lyra...

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