Hyperverse - Galactic Gamefi Event

Blast off into the Hyperverse with the SKY GODZ: HYPERVERSE Gamefi experience, featuring a unique Akasha Alien and two idle Defi games to propel your alien through the Hyperverse and collect HYPER token rewards as you cross the dimensions.

Mint for a beautiful and unique Akasha alien is now open on the Polygon Network

Mint Akasha Alien

Mint Akasha Alien

Direction Arrows


Direction Arrows
Get HYPER Token rewards

Get HYPER Token rewards

Direction Arrows

HYPER token benefits:

HYPER Token Reward Calculation

Cosmic Energy:

Plasma - Cost: Free/Rewards: 2 HPR/h

Aether - Cost: 20 HPR/Rewards: 3 HPR/h

Orb - Cost: 50 HPR/Rewards: 4 HPR/h

Cosmic Staffs:

Aqua Staff - Cost: 10/Rewards: 1.5 HPR/h

Trident Staff - Cost: 30 HPR/Rewards: 2.5 HPR/h

Gold Staff - Cost: 40 HPR/Rewards: 3.5 HPR/h


Akasha Alien - Rewards: 5 HPR/h

HYPERVERSE Polygon Contract Addresses

  1. Advent Calendar Aliens (ERC-1155): 0xE43E3d5Cbc74e6595a98db1eecfc64B90b2f2Ced
  2. Akasha Alien (ERC-721): 0x015e2f19e492051cD66Be5EdFADF05f8813B8B1A
  3. Cosmic Energy (ERC-1155): 0x1d012331e07179c1E49CcD877c5bE3ca23F1654e
  4. HYPER Token (ERC-20): 0x43f9A9BE99fC67592069Bc33Bd9597dbc2E74436

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