Sky Godz Tales: Lion Warriors of Aveyon

The young Lion Warrior Yoris has been chosen to defend the powerful desert crystals from the attacking Dracos. He has to collect the crystals while fighting off deadly scorpions and face the ultimate boss battle before entering the Stargate to safety.



More cosmic Adventure Games coming bi-monthly!


August 2024


October 2024


December 2024

Sky Godz Stargazer

SKY GODZ Stargazer is a survival adventure RPG set in ancient mythic history inspired by the Ancient Aliens theory. The gameplay is story-driven and based on the ground-breaking anime series of the same name. It’s “Ark” meets “Final Fantasy” meets “Stargate”.

Single Player RPG


Coming 2025

Desert Crystal DeFi Game

The powerful cosmic crystals are shards from the source which fractured and distributed across the universe by the Obsidian Council. Use these crystals to power up your Aveyon Founder NFT and earn Stardust Rewards.

The Desert Crystal Game is exclusive to the Stardapp and you’ll need a Sky Godz Founder NFT to get started…

Hyperverse DeFi Game

Blast off into the Hyperverse with the SKY GODZ: Gamefi Advent Calendar featuring a galactic advent calendar, an advanced level-up system to obtain a unique Akasha Alien and an idle Defi game to propel your alien through the hyperverse and collect Stardust token rewards as you cross the dimensions.

The Stargate Game is exclusive to the Stardapp and you’ll need an Akasha Alien NFT…

Featuring the amazing voice and compositional talents of:

Mackenzie Firgens

Mackenzie Firgens

Mackenzie Firgens is an actress, singer and voice over artist. She first came to attention for her role in Sundance Spirit Award Nominated hit Groove (2000) and is known for Rent (2005). She will play Nin and various other roles.

Cameron Devine

Cameron Devine

Cameron Denny is known for Love Interrupted (2018), God Bless America (2011) and Pawn (2013). He will play Enlil and Sargon as well as the Draco leader.

Trevor Lissauer

Trevor Lissauer

Trevor Lissauer is most notably known for playing Miles Goodman on Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Reno 911, Felicity, Roswell, La La Land, multiple Indie Films and over 60 Commercials. Trevor is also a singer/songwriter with songs on Nip/Tuck, Felicity, Party Of Five and the Sundance Award Winning film, Right At Your Door. He will be the voices of Enki and Samana.

Marian Gabriel Weber

Marian Gabriel Weber

Marian Gabriel Weber is a composer, violinist and conductor based in Switzerland. Having a vivid interest in audiovisual projects
he is writing music not only for the concert hall but also for film, tv and game projects.

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