Become a Galactic Family Member

Be the fist to enjoy the cosmic SKY GODZ content and also support a project that is truly independent, created by a passionate team of creators.

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    Early bird content

    Be the first to view the anime, play the games and read the graphic novels. Be involved in the process from the beginning.

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    Premium Content

    View the content in a premium format. No limitations on image sizes of the graphic novels, anime or games. Receive digital editions of the graphic novels after publication.

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    Discounts on Merch

    Get up to 30% discounts on Print Graphic Novels, T-Shirt and other merch including the exclusive Stargazer collection.

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    Support the Project

    Besides all the cool content you're also supporting a project by passionate independent creators that would never get made by the mainstream media

Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership

Monthly recurring. Cancel anytime.
$ 3
  • RPG Game
  • Anime Episodes
  • Graphic Novel pages
  • Digital Downloads
Annual Membership

Annual Membership

Annually recurring. Cancel anytime.
$ 29
  • RPG Game
  • Anime episodes
  • Graphic Novels
  • Merch Discounts
  • Digital Downloads

Galactic Family Membership F.A.Q.

What is SKY GODZ Galactic Family Membership?

The Galactic Family Membership offers you early in-production content, similar to what you would get on Patreon.

What are the advantages of a membership?

See a list of features above but you will be the first one to see new SKY GODZ content, but you also support a project that would never be made by mainstream media corporations.

What are my options?

You can subscribe monthly or annually.

Can I cancel at any time, even if I get the annual membership?

Yes, you can cancel at any time and you won’t be charged for the upcoming month. If you bought an annual subscription, we will give you a 50% refund if you haven’t passed the half year mark.

How is the membership different from the Stardapp?

Although there might be similar content available on both platforms, the Stardapp will let you earn, sell and trade your digital assets on the Polygon blockchain. Assets and achievements earned in the regular game (i.e. on the membership site and Steam) have no real world value and can not be traded outside of the game.

What can I do if I have a problem with my account?

Contact support through the contact form on the contact page or open a support ticket on our Discord.

Can I claim the full discount even if I just joined the Galactic Family Membership?

Yes, you can claim current merch discounts at any time.

How can I claim my merch discount?

Use the one time discount code in your membership dashboard on the checkout page and the discount will be applied.

Don't see your question here? Send us a message through the contact form or join our Discord and open a support ticket.

For additional support and to participate in a like-minded and friendly community, join our Disocrd.

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